Have Your Civil Rights Been Violated?

Civil Rights --- From First Amendment and Fourteenth Amendment violations to your child's school rights under the New York Education Law for special education and the Dignity for All Students Act to stop the bullying and retaliation to false arrest, false imprisonment, and malicious prosecution turn to Parry & Smith.

You were wrongly convicted of a crime and now the courts have changed their decision. You're about to walk free again. Don't let this life-altering mistake get swept under the rug- qualified litigation attorneys can help you receive due compensation for the time you spent behind bars.
Turn to Parry & Smith, LLC for effective legal counsel. Attorney Smith or  attorney Parry will review your case, craft a strong legal argument and work toward the best possible outcome.
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Aim for a favorable settlement

Aim for a favorable settlement

After serving time for someone else's crime, you're serious about getting the compensation you deserve. You need aggressive legal counsel, and Parry & Smith, LLC can provide it.

Residents of the Jordan & Fayetteville, NY area know they can trust attorney Smith & attorney Parry to handle their civil rights litigation cases involving:





  • False arrest
  • Retaliation
  • Malicious prosecution









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