Facing Criminal Charges in Jordan, NY?
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Trust a dedicated criminal law attorney to handle your case

As soon as the warrant was served, you knew you were in trouble. But there's no need to sit and worry alone. A qualified criminal law attorney can help prepare you for trial.

When you need legal counsel, turn to the office of Jarrod W. Smith, Esq., PLLC. Over the years, attorney Smith has successfully represented numerous individuals charged with federal and state crimes. Visit the Federal and State Criminal Law page now to learn more about how a steadfast criminal law attorney in Jordan, NY can help you.

whistleblower attorney in Jordan, NY

Speak up if you witness unlawful acts

After witnessing a crime, you feel you need to report the situation. But you're nervous about the consequences of telling on your employer. Don't worry-attorney Smith from the office of Jarrod W. Smith, Esq. can protect you from reprisals. As a knowledgeable whistleblower attorney, he can help you decide on your best approach. You can rely on attorney Smith to take measures to prevent fallout from within your company.

Visit the Whistleblower Cases page now to find out why attorney Smith is a preferred whistleblower attorney in the Jordan, NY area.

3 ways attorney Smith rises above the competition

If you're searching for a reputable law firm in Jordan, NY, look no further than the office of Jarrod W. Smith, Esq. Attorney Smith has an affiliation with The Northern District of NY, The Court of Appeals for the 2nd Circuit, the Western District of NY and all NY State Courts. Attorney Smith goes above and beyond to meet his clients' needs. From family law to real estate transactions, he's experienced in a wide range of practice areas.

Attorney Jarrod W. Smith is well-known in the area for providing:

  1. Effective legal solutions
  2. Exceptional customer service
  3. An innovative and aggressive approach

Attorney Smith proudly served in the 2nd Battallion First Marine Division known as "The Professionals." Call now to schedule a free consultation.

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